Why do cells in our body have such strange shapes?

How does this help keep us healthy?

Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing I explore in my books.

Through my adventure books, you and your child will be able to accompany the lively characters on a fun journey of learning.

Together, you will discover the wonders of the human body, one cell at a time. Thanks to the electron microscope the shape of these cells bears a true likeness. Imagination does the rest.

Working as a pharmacist, I’ve spent many years explaining what happens in our body especially when we get sick. This series of children’s books was created to provide some answers to commonly asked questions, and help make sense of the complex science out there.

I hope these books inspire your curiosity to find out more about the magical workings of the human body.

Anat Shabi

My Books...

Max and the Bakters

Who is Bakter? How did he get here? And why is Max’s dad sick?
With the help of his friends, Max is searching for answers to these questions and more. Together they meet the Bakters and learn how to avoid them.
This funny and absorbing story, is a great way to learn about stomach bugs and how to steer clear of them!

Tom, Rosie and the battle of the Allergy

What are the mast cells? and why do they get irritated? 
Join Rosie and her friends and discover the fierce allergy battles going on in our body. Together, you will learn about food allergies, brave cells and powerful secret weapons. 

Tom, Johnny and the growing arm bone

Meet the incredible bone cells.
Not only do they look like alien spaceships, they spit out bone and hoover it up again to shape our skeleton.
Join Johnny on this unusual adventure and discover what goes on when we break a bone in our body.

King Kovid the 19th and the great invasion

Want to explain COVID to kids? Check out this short audiobook. Written by a pharmacist and brought to life with drawings from children around the world. Will occupy kids for at least 10minutes!

copyright Anat Shabi 2020