Goblet cells

In “King Kovid and the great invasion” we come across the goblet cells in the centre of human defence. They are full of slime! Where are they and just how do they protect us?

Where in the body are they?

These cells are called goblet cells, because, well…. they look a bit like goblets! Those fancy cups used at banquets!

They sit in the airways leading to the lungs and in the stomach, often working together with the hairy cells. They are full of slimy mucus.

What do they do?

Goblet cells pour out mucus, and trap the dirt and dust coming in through the nose and mouth. This sticky mess is then carried out by the hairy cells, keeping the lungs clear. This is clever teamwork by the hairy cells and goblet cells.

Below is a goblet next to a picture of a goblet cell.

The small drums inside it are full of slime

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