Cilia (hairy) cells?

In “King Kovid and the great invasion” we come across the hairy cilia cells in the centre of human defence. So, where are they? And just how do they protect us?

Where in the body are they?

You can find these hairy cells in the nose, ears and the airways going down to the lungs. They have lots of tiny hairs all over them. And guess what? These hairs can move!

What do they do?

The mass of hairs traps dust and germs coming in through the nose and mouth and stops it from getting into our lungs. It would be pretty hard to breathe freely without these cells guarding our airways.

The hairs on these cells move backwards and forwards in waves. And so, any dirt and mucus trapped in them, is carried all the way back out and to the back of the throat. That’s where we just swallow it. Ewe!

Below is a picture of the hairy cells (in pink) with green mucus on top.

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